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Badger Documentation

Welcome to Badger

Badger is a batch renderer plug-in for Rhino 4.0, Rhino 5.0 32/64-bit.

It's designed to work with all Rhino compatible renderers, and it's the perfect tool to set up overnight render jobs without scripting.

The Badger Jobs are stored in the 3dm file.

Get Started

Start up Badger using the command Badger.


Badger Adds Jobs to the Jobs list. Add a Job by clicking on the Add Job icon.


Jobs consists of multiple Tasks that can be added in the Tasks list. Add a task by clicking on the Add Task icon.

When running a Job, Badger goes through the Tasks list for that Job.

Badger Web Page

Access the Badger website at

Badger Commands

Badger Tasks

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